Below you will find information regarding student-athlete eligibility for Penn State Hazleton students. As members of the Penn State University Athletic Conference and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association, student-athletes must meet several requirements in order to be deemed eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics. The criteria below are the main considerations for eligibility.

1. A student must be enrolled full-time (12 credits minimum) at Penn State Hazleton during the semester of competition. Exception: A student-athlete who intends to graduate and will exhaust eligibility that season may compete in intercollegiate athletics with less than a full-time course load if that is all that is needed to complete graduation requirements. 

2. Incoming freshmen are generally immediately eligible to participate so long as they have been accepted to the institution and are enrolled full-time.

3. Students must pass at least 9 credits in their first semester to be eligible in the second semester. A minimum of 24 credits must be passed in the first two semesters. After that, student-athletes must pass an average of 12 credits a semester. (see chart below)

4. Student-athletes must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the time they are a junior (5th semester). See the chart below for additional GPA requirements.

5. Transfer students will have paperwork completed by their previous institution(s) to certify their eligibility.

Entering Semester In Residence Cumulative GPA Required Cumulative Credits Required 
2 1.8 9
3 1.9 24
4 1.9 36
5 2.0 48
6 2.0 60
7 2.0 72
8 2.0 84
9 2.0 96

*Other eligibility standards may apply. The USCAA requires a student-athlete to pass 24 credits over the two previous semesters. See the athletic department for any questions related to eligibility.


Additional Penn State University Athletic Conference eligibility guidelines may be found at: psuacsports.com

Additional United States Collegiate Athletic Association eligibility guidelines may be found at: theuscaa.com