No.: 18 Justin Blose full bio Justin Blose Pos.: C, 1B, P Cl.: SO Hometown: Allentown, PA
No.: 12 Cody Campion full bio Cody Campion Pos.: 2B Cl.: SR Hometown: Weatherly, PA
No.: 3 Starlin Colon full bio Starlin Colon Pos.: INF Cl.: SO Hometown: Hazleton, PA
No.: 13 Corey Eyerman full bio Corey Eyerman Pos.: P, 3B Cl.: FR Hometown: Mountain Top, PA
No.: 15 Travis Flores full bio Travis Flores Pos.: OF Cl.: FR Hometown: Manhattan, NY
No.: 7 Danilo Garcia full bio Danilo Garcia Pos.: OF Cl.: SO Hometown: Hazleton, PA
No.: 14 Michael Gedz full bio Michael Gedz Pos.: OF, 3B Cl.: SO Hometown: Elkton, MD
No.: 25 Aaron Glass full bio Aaron Glass Pos.: C, OF, 3B Cl.: FR Hometown: Shippensburg, PA
No.: 23 Elliot Goldman full bio Elliot Goldman Pos.: Utility Cl.: SO Hometown: Seattle, WA
No.: 8 Cody Grohotolski full bio Cody Grohotolski Pos.: OF Cl.: SO Hometown: Palmerton, PA
No.: 22 Richard Hobbs full bio Richard Hobbs Pos.: 1B Cl.: JR Hometown: Central Islip, NY
No.: 11 Jake Miller full bio Jake Miller Pos.: OF, P Cl.: SR Hometown: Weatherly, PA
No.: 20 Kyle Minzola full bio Kyle Minzola Pos.: Cl.: Hometown:
No.: 9 Edgar Pineda full bio Edgar Pineda Pos.: Cl.: Hometown:
No.: 4 Avery Sepulued full bio Avery Sepulued Pos.: Cl.: Hometown:
No.: 16 Andrew Sherkness full bio Andrew Sherkness Pos.: P, 1B, DH Cl.: SR Hometown: Tresckow, PA
No.: 55 Sam Yeager full bio Sam Yeager Pos.: P, 1B Cl.: FR Hometown: Hughesvilles